Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Afternoon off

Our shower has been a major pain in the ass - the little screws that attach to the knob to the cold water and to the diverter (to switch it from bath to shower) both stripped so for awhile we were using pliers to turn the cold on and off. Today I finally bit the bullet and went and figured out how to take the knobs off and then went and bought new valves for the cold water and the diverter.

I am like the worst fixer upper person ever. My dad is a major tinkerer and he used to always get me to join him when I was growing up, but that kind of stuff never interested me. I always was more interested in sports and games - anything competitive - and just never really cared about how things worked.

So of course I always end up taking hours where it would take other people minutes. But it is does feel good to fix these things myself rather than pay a plumber to come do it.

Anyhoo, the new knobs are on and I figured out where our water main is which is a good thing as well. The only thing left is to put some silicone on to make sure the faucets actually stick to the tile - but that can be left for later.

On the poker front - I have been playing well and getting reamed. I do tend to feel that the pokergods make you suffer for a decent stretch before they finally say ok enough is enough now lets let chardrian win every flip and suck out a couple times in a tourney to even things out. So I'm just waiting for that to happen again. Tonight is probably the biggest weekday night for me because both stars and UB have tourneys with biger buyins. So I wouldn't mind it if the run good happened in either of those tourneys.

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